What will my dog find at the Palace?

At the Pooch Palace your dog will find a climate controlled home-away-from home, complete with air conditioning in the summer, heated floors in the winter, their own private room with a window at just their height, an indoor lounge area with a fireplace and an outdoor play area with plenty of trees and the smells they love!

At the Pooch Palace we will do our best to provide a routine for your dog that is consistent with the routine they follow at home. Our goal is to provide a calm and relaxing environment for your pet.

The Pooch Palace first opened its doors in June of 2004. The Palace is a state-licensed facility, staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Staff has been certified in pet first aid, and a licensed veterinarian is available 'round the clock to provide additional care if necessary. All non-aggressive spayed and neutered dogs are welcome at the Palace. Older dogs and dogs with special needs will find an accommodating environment at the Palace as well.

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