Growing up I was always happiest when animals were around. I spent countless hours rollerblading with our border collie around the neighborhood and trying to teach my grandma’s lhasa apso how to do home-made agility courses. My love for animals never faded as I was growing up. If I was somewhere where a person owned a pet, it was a safe bet I was somewhere where that pet was. I went through the Veterinary Technician program at Kirkwood and gained experiences I never thought I would. One of my favorite memories is of hand-feeding a bald eagle that was being nursed back to health at the MacBride Raptor Center.

I’ve been working at Pooch Palace for over a decade now and I’ve been so lucky to have found a place that dogs are happy to come to and happy to go home from. It’s always such an honor to hear how happy people are to have a place where the dogs are treated like family and that’s exactly what it feels like here. Spending time to win over the hearts of timid dogs and watching them come out of their shell is always so rewarding as well. I look forward to meeting your dog and learning its unique qualities!