My background starts not far from the Palace, on the outskirts of town; between North Liberty and Tiffin. Growing up on a farm, I was always outside with the family’s Black Labrador–Raven–and the many feral cats that seemingly always showed up. We figured Raven’s upbeat demeanor wasn’t great for fending off these felines, but after her passing the numbers just multiplied. Feral cats then became the only livestock (non-profit) to be found on Bowman’s farm for a demi-decade. With no cattle to raise or dogs to play with, I figured my time at the farm oughta be cut short, ultimately enrolling at Coe College in Cedar Rapids.
Animal Communications wasn’t offered, so I completed my undergraduate in the next best thing (Communications), graduating in the Fall of 2018. I continued education at Mount Mercy University while finishing my final year of athletics. Then I traveled around Iowa playing baseball before finishing with the Kalamazoo Growlers in Michigan. Athletics developed teamwork, an important asset when working with both animals and humans.
Now, I’m also employed at Systems Unlimited working with clients at a group home. Somewhere along that timeline I found a beautiful St. Bernepoo (not an AKC recognized breed) at this wonderful little organic farm in Kalona. I named him Saint Louie and the rest is history.
In early February I was buying Louie food at Leash on Life, when I stumbled upon the job application for Pooch Palace. The wonderful cashier couldn’t say enough positive things about the employees that work there, and the clients who go there. I quickly sent over a resume & cover letter, and you know the rest.
Every morning is a new optimistic adventure. Each and every dog is unique with their idiosyncrasies, but the same in the way they attempt to jump out of their fur to please you. I’m truly blessed with an opportunity to play with man’s best friend for a living.